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Dissemination and communications are important components to any research project. It is not only about disemminating results and going on the news at the end of the project to talk about your important new discovery (although that is certainly great).

If planned and executed well, it supports your research throughout the project. It helps you connect with your stakeholders, keeps your consortium engaged and informed and builds network.

Too often, however the communications and dissemination work package becomes a headache to the partners, because it’s actually not that easy. You need strong communications competencies of course, but you also need experience in this particular discipline, and an understanding of how large-scale innovation and research projects work. And let’s face it – you are in the project for the research and innovation, not for figuring out a social media strategy for your project.

I have led the dissemination and communications work in four FP7 and Horizon2020 projects and consulted on writing several successful applications.

I am curently work package leader on communications and dissemination on the REFUGE-ED project, and I’m looking forward to start working on the SCIREARLY project in early autumn 2022.

Previous Horizon and FP7 projects include:

  • The STRENGTHS project (2017- ongoing) – managing all dissemination and communications taks, writing the communications strategy, and tendering and implementing a massive translation project from English to Arabic
  • The RE-DEFINE project (2018-2021) – managing all dissemination and communications taks, writing the communications strategy.
  • The DRIVER+ project – leading expert group on caring for spontaneous volunteersin the sub-project CMINE, developing virtual reality training in psychological first aid
  • The OPSIC project (2013-2015), work package leader, dissemination and communications.
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