Louise Juul Hansen

Communications and project specialist. Chaos, steep learning curves and Horizon Europe don’t scare me.

I get a kick out of seeing the tension ease out of the shoulders of your team, when they realize that their project is in good hands with me.

Specialists need time to be specialists and do what they do best. But they also need to share their knowledge, advocate and fundraise.

This is where I come into the picture. I’ve worked with people at the top of their chosen fields in bioinformatics, mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian crisis, nature conservation, and biodiversity. I respect expertise – both others’ and my own. I know how to strike the balance between respecting scientific integrity and knowledge and making it available and understandable to the non-scientific community.

I’ve always worked in small units with limited resources but unlimited ambitions. I am an excellent problem solver and good at finding creative solutions to problems.

My superpower is managing complex processes and steep learning curves and conceptualising ideas. This requires a well equipped tool box.

My tool box contains skills in

  • strategic communications and advocacy
  • communications and dissemination in EU funded research and humanitarian projects
  • fundraising
  • project and budget plannning that pass the test of meeting real life
  • project management
  • facilitating knowledge sharing processes and networks
  • building and nurturing partnerships
  • text editing in English and Danish
  • managing complex translation processes
  • light graphic design, video editing (Adobe Creative Suite)